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Deleted Files
Sometimes people accidentally delete important files.
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Deleted File Recovery
Seattle Recovery is able to recover deleted files, and restore them to their original location or a new storage medium
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Hard drive corruption can result from hardware or software conflicts and may leave portions of your hard drive unusable.
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Corrupted Drive and File Recovery
Seattle Recovery restores data from corrupted hard drives and transfers your data to a new storage device.
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Drops, bumps, kicks, water damage, and electrical malfunctions can cause horrible damage to your digital storage devices.
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Damaged Drive Data Recovery
Seattle Recovery repairs or replaces hardware on your storage device to recovery valuable data.
Lost Documents
Sometimes documents which you spent weeks or months putting together simply go missing when you need them.
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Document Recovery
Seattle Recovery restores your documents and creates backups so you don't loose them.
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Lost Photos
have you lost photos of family members and past memories?
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Photo Recovery
Seattle Recovery brings back lost or deleted images, photos, and digital media from your digital storage devices.
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Lost, Damaged, or Corrupted Archives
Archives contain important files which have been compressed for storage.
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Archive Data Recovery
Seattle Recovery saves your archives, recovers files, and creates backups for your organization.
Lost or Corrupted PDF Files
.PDF files store valuable receipts, legal documents, and other contacts.
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PDF Data Recovery
Seattle Recovery retrieves .PDF documents from all types of digital storage devices.
Lost Excel Spreadsheets
Are you missing critical .xls, .xlsx, .csv, or other excel spreadsheets?
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Spreadsheet Recovery
Seattle Recovery extracts missing spreadsheets from damaged drives or other storage media.
Lost Videos
Videos contain important memories, business footage, and/or scientific data.
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Video Data Recovery
Seattle Recovery delivers lost, damaged, or deleted video files in complete format and quality.
Lost Databases
Losing a database can mean an end to your business or project.
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Database Recovery
Seattle Recovery reads and recovers databases of all formats.