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MacBooks Sold After 2018 Contain Encrypted SSDs

Seattle Data Recovery rescues files from 13”, 15”, and 16” MacBook Pro computers manufactured from 2018 to 2021. These MacBooks have onboard SSD chips. There is no “lifeboat” connector on the logic board for emergency data recovery.

MacBooks sold after 2018 contain Mac’s Apple T2 Security Chip which automatically encrypts the data before storing the data in the SSD chips. Data encryption at the hardware level means, even if the data from the SSD chips is recovered directly, the information is encrypted. MacBooks sold after 2018 must be recovered by repairing the logic board to make the MacBook function.

What Are My Chances For Recovering Data?

Water damage is the highest failure factor for T2 chip Macs. Our chances of recovering depends on the degree of damage and on how you handle the liquid spill. If you turn off the Mac immediately and NEVER turn it on again, you can guarantee your Mac is recoverable, and your data is safe.

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