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Recover Data from drives with I/O errors

I/O Error data recovery

Call Seattle Data Recover if Windows ever displays 'The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error'. The device (hard drive) has developed bad sectors. The logic board on the hard drive is bad. Or the USB interface for the external hard drive is bad.

Apple iPhone Data Recovery

iPhone Data Recovery

Sometimes iPhones bug out and stop working. Seattle Data Recovery recovers data from iPhones of all generations. We are able to retrieve lost photos, videos, and files from a broken iPhone.

Data Recovery for Samsung solid state drives

Seattle Recovery provides professional data recovery for Samsung SSDs. We recover files, data, folders, drives, partions, RAID arrays, NAS, and external storage data. 24 Hour Phone Support (206) 657-6685

Kingston Technology HDD and SSD Data Recovery

Seattle Data Recovery recovers data from Kingston Technology hard drives and solid state drives. We recover files, data, folders, partitions, videos, pictures, documents, and more from laptops, desktop computers, gaming computers, and business computers.

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