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M.2 NVME Data Recovery Seattle, Washington


Emerald City IT recovers data from desktops and laptops. We recover M.2 (B) SATA SSDs and M.2 (B+M) NVME SSDs. Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Solid State Drives are up to 22mm wide, 110mm long, and usually much less than 10mm thick. These tiny drives offer high-performance storage read and write speeds. If you have an NVME SSD it will be located on an M.2 port on your motherboard.

Laptop M.2 SSD Data Recovery

Desktop Computer M.2 NVME Data Recovery

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BitLocker data recovery support

BitLocker Encryption Support

Seattle Data Recovery rebuilds hard drives encrypted with BitLocker encryption. We work with computer manufacturers and Microsoft support to unlock your hard drive. Unlocked hard drives can be recovered by Seattle Data Recovery with advanced encryption support.

Recover Data from Unknown Disks
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These options are offered as Windows solutions to wipe everything and start fresh in hopes that the disk will work again as an empty drive with a new drive letter. These options are not offered as a data recovery solution. These options will erase your data, rebuild the drive records, and create empty space over your files. Contact Seattle Data Recovery as soon as you see any unknown disk error.

Toshiba hard drive data recovery

3.5" Serial ATA Data (SATA) Data Recovery

Seattle Data Recovery Recovers data from desktop computers, workstations, servers, and industrial computers. We are able to recover data from damaged or corrupted SATA drives.

SATA Hard Drive Data Recovery SATA hard drives are common in many tower and desktop computers. SATA hard drives are also used in NAS storage devices and RAID arrays. Seattle Data Recovery recovers lost data, corrupted files, partition damage, and deleted files or folders. We recover files from Windows computers, Apple computers, and servers.

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Outlook Data File Recovery

Outlook Data File Recovery

Seattle Data Recovery recovers messages and attachments lost or deleted from the Deleted Items folder, and repairs corrupted PST and OST databases produced by all versions of Microsoft Outlook. Seattle Data Recovery recovers all email messages, attachments, Outlook and WAB contacts, tasks, and calendars from healthy and corrupted Outlook databases, including parts of damaged PST files. Seattle Data Recovery is able to locate, recover and repair damaged Outlook databases from formatted, corrupted, and repartitioned hard disks, and can reconstruct highly fragmented PST files from multiple parts randomly distributed on the disk. Seattle Data Recovery makes it possible to extract useful information including email messages, attachments, address books, tasks, etc., from separate fragments of large PST files. Seattle Data Recovery provides full repair and extraction of messages, contacts, and appointments for lost and damaged PST and OST files. Whether your hard disk is healthy or badly damaged, Seattle Data Recovery is able to scan the entire surface of the hard drive in order to locate, recover and repair damaged Outlook databases.  

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