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We usually Initialize a drive to a completely new and empty drive to prepare it for use by Windows. But what if a drive that you’ve been using for a long time suddenly stops working and gives Disk Unknown, or Unallocated, or Not Initialized error?

Drive not initial

If you have installed a new internal or external hard drive or SSD, and its status on the left side of the Disk Management Tool displays Disk 1, Unknown Not Initialized then it means that Windows can’t the initialize disk and you, therefore, are not able


Seagate manufactures strong, durable, and reliable hard drives, solid state drives, NVMe SSDs, and Enterprise Storage Drives for IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, M.2, and PCIe.

Western Digital builds strong, dense computer storage hard drives, solid state drives, Enterprise Storage, RAID, external drives, USB drives, and NAS devices. Western Digital manufactures storage drives for IDE, SATA, SCSI, SAS, M.2, and PCIe.

Samsung manufactures solid state hard drives for laptops, desktop computers, servers, mobile phones, and removable storage. Samsung hard drives are known for speed, cooling, and reliability. Samsung SSDs are built for SATA, M.2, PCIe, USB, and SD.

Toshiba hard drives are manufactured for OEM laptops and desktop computers. Toshiba hard drives are built for everyday home and business use. Toshiba hard drives are incredibly reliable and rarely fail under normal conditions.

Kingston Technology manufactures SSDs, enterprise hard drives, removal storage, and SD Flash Storage devices. Kingston drives are highly reliable. Kingston Solid State Drives provide high speeds and extended lifetimes.

SanDisk is an SSD, enterprise storage, and removable storage device manufacturer.

ADATA is an SSD manufacturer of M.2 drives, external storage devices, and PCIe SSDs.

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