Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to start a Data Recovery!

Data Recovery Appointments

Seattle Data Recovery accepts deliveries at:
2755 S Washington St. Seattle, WA, 98144.

At the time of your appointment, street parking is available.
Call when you have arrived and a technician will come out to your vehicle.

Please contact us at (206) 657-6685
to schedule and appointment.

Data Recovery Walk-Ins
Drop-Off your hard drive in a box with a label

We require that our customers use a box and label. Previously used Amazon (or similar) boxes are acceptable if the box is sealed. Our hard drive concierges at UPS offer boxes, labels, and professional packing. These requirements improve success rates by ensuring that your drive is assigned its own labeled protected container.

Your label must contain:
Full Name
Business Name (if applicable)
Phone Number
Email Address

Seattle Data Recovery offers professional package handling at our receiving center at the UPS Mailroom in Bank of America Plaza in Seattle, Washington.

Drop-Off Concierge

Bank of America Plaza
800 5th Ave
Seattle, WA, 98104
First Floor
UPS Mailroom Suite 101
Seattle Data Recovery
Mailbox 125

Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to start a Data Recovery!

Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to start a Data Recovery!

(206) 657-6685
Open 24hrs
By Appointment
Seattle Data Recovery
2755 S Washington St
Seattle, WA, 98144
Weekdays 9am-5pm
Seattle Data Recovery
800 5th Avenue
Suite 101-125
Seattle, WA, 98104