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Seattle Data Recovery is Washington State's best hard disk repair company for Windows or Linux PC, Apple Computers, laptops, tablets, phones, business servers, RAID volumes, HDD, SSD, NVMe, USB, external devices, and mobile devices. Seattle Data Recovery is Veteran-Owned and run by service members in Washington, California, New Hampshire, and New York. In our latest clean room data recovery center and with our current data recovery technician staff, we have a 100% success rate.

Seattle Data Recovery's clean room guarantees solid results. Use coupon code: FREEGUARANTEE to receive a free clean room examination with your hard drive, SSD, or USB diagnosis Take advantage of our data recovery coupon while the saving last!

disk unrecognized
Seattle Data Recovery provides advanced hard drive diagnosis for SSD, NVMe, SATA, SAS, SCSI, RAID Array, USB, Thunderbolt, and USB-C storage devices.
Recover Files
Recover files from hard drives that fail to show in Windows. Recover data from a disk that shows "unrecognized", "not ready", or "unallocated" errors in computer management > disk management.
APFS Mac OS Extended
Recover files from crashed Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, Mac Pro, and iPad.
Recover All Folders and Files
Seattle Data Recovery diagnoses Windows Operative System boot errors. Recover your Windows hard disk and restore your files and settings to a working operating system.
SQL Tables and Data
Recover tables and data from crashed database servers. Recover .mdf, .ndf, .ldf, .frm, .myd, .myi, .ibd, .db, .index, .tmd, .arz, .arm, and .arn, .accdb files from damaged hard disks and SSD.
Solid State Drives
Recover entire root directory files and folders from NVMe m.2 and PCIe Solid State Drives. Recover data from laptops, business computers, media production workstations, and performance computers.
Guaranteed HDD and SSD Data Recovery Services

Washington State's Best Data Recovery Company

Recover data from Windows PCs and macOS Apple Computers.
Rebuild hard disks, files, and data from dead devices.

Superior Recovery Success Rates

Recover data from Windows PCs and macOS Apple Computers. Rebuild hard disks, files, and data from dead devices.
Seattle Data Recovery offers the highest file recovery percentage in Washington State.
Our data recovery services are specialized for professional businesses, critical industries, and companies that need real-time cloud backups.

NVMe SSDs Recovered in April 2023
NVMe SSDs Recovered in April 2023
NVMe SSDs Recovered in April 2023
NVMe SSDs Recovered in April 2023

Data Recovery Reviews

Critical business infrastructure depends on computer data and secure file storage. Read what business owners and industry leaders say about Seattle Data Recovery.

Seattle Data Recovery successfully restored a SQL server database from a dead hard drive. We received 100% successfully recovered files from all folders and directories on our server.

Ben McCormick Air Center

Seattle Data Recovery ships severely damaged hard drives to our clean room. I know Seattle Data Recovery a reliable business partner.

J Rothschild Data Recovery Clean Room

Seattle Data Recovery did an excellent job recovering our SQL server during a VERY stressful time. We received a complete recovery of our company server data. Seattle Data Recovery is HIGHLY recommended!

Theresa Hart McCormick Air Center

Awesome and fast recovery!!! We will use Seattle Data Recovery again. You are highly recommended!

Kristoffer Joseph DJ Krist

Seattle Data Recovery provided is quick, reliable, knowledgeable, and saved my data in a couple of days. You saved my life! Highly recommend it!

Martina Novak

My hard drive, an M.2 Solid State Drive (NVMe M.2 SSD) had crashed. I even tried on my own an external enclosure, but I couldn't get the drive to open. I took it to Cory at Seattle Data Recovery and they recovered! They got all my important files back, both business and family pictures, as well as program files that I need for my new hard drive. To have all that back is well worth the cost. Thank you, Cory!

David Winston Totem Janitorial

Open 24/7 By Appointment

Same-day appointments are available! Call Seattle Data Recovery in advance to reserve your drop-off reservation. Street parking is available. Give us a call when you have arrived and a data recovery technician will come out to meet you, inventory your equipment, and get your recovery started.

Trusted Data Recovery Service Professionals

Seattle Data Recovery provides managed backup and recovery services for institutions like ORACLE, Hitachi, McDonald's, Acronis, University of Washington, and NYU Grossman School of Medicine. We have the technology, equipment, and ability to provide every client with guaranteed hard drive or SSD data recovery services. We get data from lost files and damaged hard drives that other companies fail to recover.

Protect Your Power, Protect Your Data

Electrical failures and power malfunctions are the number one cause of hard drive and SSD damage or computer data corruption. Seattle Data Recovery has partnered with power safety company Tripp-Lite to retail the highest-rated guaranteed power surge protection, circuit isolation, line conditioning, and UPS battery backup hardware available.

Protect your home and office from fire hazards and data loss by building a computer network protected by Tripp-Lite power safety products.
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Tripp-Lite products manufactures power distribution products for home, office, industry, hospital, and data center computer networks.
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Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to order computer safety protection equipment!

Data Recovery Deliveries
&Walk-In Drop-Off

Seattle Data Recovery accepts deliveries at:
800 5th Avenue, Suite 101, Box 125, Seattle, WA, 98104.

Walk-In drop-off service requires a box or envelope.
Envelopes and boxes can be purchased from the concierge at Suite 101.

Please contact us at (206) 657-6685
before shipping your equipment.

Data Recovery Concierge Service Provided By Trusted Fragile Package Handling Experts At The UPS Store

Your damaged hard drive or SSD is fragile, like a crumbling piece of antique artwork. These devices require special skill and care when being handled. Seattle Data Recovery receives delivery at Downtown Seattle's UPS StoreUPS Store. Our clients receive professional packing, handling, and secure storage for their personal or business hard drives. The UPS StoreUPS Store has provided extremely reliable package handling and concierge services throughout the United States since 1980. Seattle Data Recovery has contracted packaging and handling service through UPS Since early 2022. Seattle Data Recovery transfers HDDs, SSDs, and devices from our office, to specialized clean rooms, and back to our clients using professional packaging and shipping which protects your data throughout the data recovery process.

Drop-Off your hard drive in a box with a label

We require that our customers use a box and label. Previously used Amazon (or similar) boxes are acceptable if the box is sealed. Our hard drive concierges at UPS offer boxes, labels, and professional packing. These requirements improve success rates by ensuring that your drive is assigned its own labeled protected container.

Your label must contain:
Full Name
Business Name (if applicable)
Phone Number
Email Address

Seattle Data Recovery offers professional package handling at our receiving center at the UPS Mailroom in Bank of America Plaza in Seattle, Washington.

Drop-Off Concierge

Bank of America Plaza
800 5th Ave
Seattle, WA, 98104
First Floor
UPS Mailroom Suite 101
Seattle Data Recovery
Mailbox 125

Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to start a Data Recovery!

Call 1 (206) 657-6685 to start a Data Recovery!

(206) 657-6685
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